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Decluttering Garage: 4 Tips for a Much-Needed Extra Space

Decluttering Garage

While the garage is an area meant to parkmaintain your vehicles, it often becomes a storage area for all the stuff that you don’t require on a regular basis. This results in clutter, increases the risk of pest infestations, and leaves you with less space for DIY projects.

With more time on your hands due to quarantine, use this time wisely to reorganize your garage and improve its storage capacity. Here are some tips to organize your garage for extra space:

Make the most of the walls

Often when it comes to the garage, it’s an empty space so we resort to placing our belongings in boxes on the floor. Before you know it, there’s hardly any room to move about in there due to all the stuff.

Storage and a space for tools is essential in a garage, but keeping them on the floor isn’t your only option. Use the walls to create as much storage space as possible. Install sturdy shelves to store chemicals, paints, and larger tools. Have hooks and magnetic strips installed on the walls to hold tools as well.


Stack bins

Since the garage is used for storing other belongings, you probably don’t want them on display since they can get damaged or wear out. Store such items in large bins. Prepare shelves for these bins so that they can stack up and use as much vertical space as needed, leaving you with more space for other things.

Get rid of stuff you most certainly won’t need

Belongings that are stored in the garage often never see the light of day again. We are all guilty of storing away things we don’t really need, but we do it any way. You’re always concerned that you might need a certain thing in the future, and therefore, never get rid of it.

When sorting through your stuff in the garage, the number one thing on your list should be to get rid of stuff you don’t need. A good tip with dealing with clutter is to take a product and remember the last time you used it. If you haven’t used it in the past 5 years, why continue to store it?

Old batteries, broken tools, and clothes that no longer fit should all be thrown away or given away. Another life changing tip by the famous Marie Kondo is to get rid of things that don’t bring you joy.

Once you have collected everything you no longer need, have a junk removal service take care of it for you.

Ceiling storage

Make the most of your garage ceiling by installing storage there. This is perfect if you have a step stool. Install sliding storage for seasonal things that are kept in storage the rest of the year.

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