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Furniture Removal Tips for Hassle-Free Moving

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Moving to a new place sure is exciting and exhilarating. It can also be very frustrating and challenging, especially if you haven’t carefully planned it all out. You can’t just plan in one day or in a few hours; it requires weeks and even months of forethought and homework. Packing the wardrobes, fixtures, decorative items, and choosing the right company for furniture removal and moving are just a few of the many important aspects of moving.

If you’re planning to move to a new place in the same area or inter-state, here are a few furniture removal tips that will help facilitate  a smooth relocation.

Take Note of All the Furniture You Have

Over the years, we keep buying new things and adding to our furniture. Be sure to take note of all the furniture you own, and what condition it’s in. It will help you determine what you need to take to your new home and what needs to be left behind, given away, resold, or donated. For instance, if you’re  relocating to a comparatively smaller house or apartment, you may have to consider putting your good-looking, but “too large for new home” furniture on sale.

Disassemble in Advance

Many furniture items such as beds, sofa sets, and dressers are often too large and won’t fit through the hallway or the door for loading on to the moving truck. Disassembling such furniture beforehand helps save time and hassle on the day of moving. Make sure you deal with one furniture item at a time and make separate boxes for nuts and bolts of each furniture. This will save you from the frustration at the time of reassembling in your new home.

Wrap Everything in a Newspaper or Bubble Wraps

Furniture Removal Tips

Furniture, especially those with sharp edges, unique designs, and glass require proper care and handling. For bigger furniture, seek assistance from a professional furniture removal company to ensure everything is well-wrapped and won’t get damaged during the move. For smaller furniture items, however, you can use newspaper, bubble wrap, towels, and moving blankets for the wrapping. To ensure everything stays in place during the move, adhere the wrapping with packing tape.

Hire a Reliable Furniture Removal Company

The company you choose for removing your furniture will play a critical part in a smooth transition to your new home. Get in touch with the companies beforehand and have them assess your furniture, so they can provide you with an accurate pricing estimate. Consider this important if you don’t want to be surprised with additional charges on the day of the move—you’ll already have plenty to deal with on that day. Look at online reviews and testimonials from their past customers before making the final decision.

During the moving process most people end up with many pieces of furniture, as well as lots of other household items and junk that are no longer needed. What do you do when you don’t have a truck, or even the time to deal with it during the move. That is when you call a junk removal company. When you need fast, reliable, and professional junk removal in Arizona, call Junk Away.

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