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The COVID-19 Crisis: Keeping Your Surroundings Clean and Staying Safe

The ongoing health crisis has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people worldwide so far. This is a highly contagious virus and is much more aggressive than the seasonal flu. It’s therefore, essential for us to take all the precautions necessary to stay safe like staying indoors, washing our hands, and disinfecting our surfaces.

While researchers are still learning more about this virus, it has been confirmed that the coronavirus can remain alive on stainless steel for 3 days, and on plastic and glass for 9 days which is why disinfecting each surface is of utmost importance.

Here are some tips that should help guide you through keeping your home clean and safe:

How to ensure sanitation at home

Keeping Your Surroundings Clean

Whether you’re an essential worker and have to go to work every day, or you’ve headed out for groceries, it’s important to follow certain steps when you get back. Make sure you keep your distance from other family members as your clothes could be infected. Take off your shoes as you get in and spray them down with a disinfecting solution to ensure no cross contamination around your home. Spray your handbag, especially the bottom, and jump in for a quick shower immediately. Put your clothes into the washer and wash them on a warm setting. Make sure you keep your hair tied up and it’s best if you don’t wear jewelry.

Invest in the best disinfecting products

While it’s important to use hand sanitizers, it’s not enough. You need to ensure your clothes and all the belongings in your home are disinfected too. You need the right kind of disinfecting products to be 100% certain your home is free from the virus.

Disinfecting solutions that are known to work well include 70% or more isopropyl alcohol, chlorinated and non-chlorinated bleach, and ammonium. Make sure you mix these products correctly, as indicated on the packaging.

Use this disinfecting solution on all surfaces and belongings in your home to ensure the best level of hygiene possible.

Dispose your household trash

household trash

If you’ve been to the grocery store or have had deliveries at home, there’s always a risk of contamination. Make sure you disinfect everything you bring home and make sure you don’t forget the soles of your shoes. Once you’ve opened up everything you have bought, get rid of all the packaging as there’s always a risk of contamination.

If you have excess junk and trash to throw away, have a junk removal service pick it up..

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